Big News! SOS is Expanding!

As the demand for affordable, convenient, brand-able mobile device charging at events increases, we have grown to meet this demand. We are so excited to welcome Kimberly Beaune (CMP, CSEP) to the SOS family!

Kimberly is our first licensed SOS Charging Solutions Representative. As the main Event Storyteller at Creative Twist, and current ILEA Toronto Chapter President, she brings with her a wealth of event industry knowledge, and expertise. Located in Toronto, Ontario, she will be handling orders for the Canada East region. Kim will provide our clients with quicker turnaround times, lower shipping costs, and her unique & creative attention to detail.

We decided to celebrate by doing a 'get-to-know-you' Q&A!

SOS: How would your colleagues describe you?

Kim: Creative, Loyal, Problem Solver, Exacting, Fair.

SOS: With your experience in off-site catering, decor, design, event production, and DMC, you can view our industry from all angles. What event trends do you see happening that are now, or will soon be, event staples?

Kim: Technology - We are all so tied to our tech and social media that like it or not, human interaction will always and forevermore have a thread of technology running through it.

Projection Mapping - The ability to use almost any surface as a canvas to transform and tell stories will just get more and more main stream.

Storytelling - Gone are the days of pretty parties. People need a purpose, a message, a cause to engage with. It's all about the why!


SOS: We couldn’t agree more! That being said, what do you identify as being the biggest challenges we face as an industry?

Kim: Instant gratification culture. People want magic at a moments notice and although we are bred in this industry to make miracles happen, it's hard not to feel pressured to make it happen at any cost. It is so important not to compromise on your standards and brand just to meet that time sensitive demand.

There is also the DIY or ‘I can find it cheaper online’ mentality. We as an industry and as event professionals are still challenged to effectively ask for what we are worth and to demonstrate the true value of our knowledge and expertise.

Lastly, but most significantly, is the challenge of security. The world is a different place today, and any venue or event that brings people together has to be approached with comprehensive security considerations in mind. We can never anticipate every potential threat but what we can do is have clear and thorough response plan in place. When the unimaginable happens, we will be as prepared as we possibly can be. I sit on a task force of Industry Leaders in Toronto who are working on establishing a set of industry standards regarding safety and security across our various associations. It is an ever evolving task to say the least.

SOS: It sounds as though the topic of security is important to you, and rightfully so. Aside from investing time into this, how else do you infuse your values into the work that you do?

Kim: I don't think I know how not to infuse my values in my work. I approach every project with heart and a desire for storytelling. So if I can't feel authentic about what the purpose and message of the event is at it's core, then I am not sure it is the right event for me. That's what I love about being part of the SOS Family. Yes, sometimes what we do is a simple rental transaction; but most times with a little creativity and caring about our client's vision and goals, we can raise the bar and use our functional product as a means of communicating the story.

We couldn’t have said it better! Welcome to Team SOS, Kimberly!

If you would like to connect with Kimberly about any events in Ontario and/or eastern Canada that require mobile device charging services, send her an SOS by clicking here.

Joel Olandesca