7 Ideas to Up Your Event Swag Game

If you’re like me, you still get excited about swag. No, it’s not as though all the items stuffed into attendee bags are great. Some are useful - sticky notes, water bottles and the like will find their place in our home. Some are meh - pens, notebooks, magnets are either grabbed by the kids, donated, or tossed.

But, some swag is downright epic! It’s awesome and wonderful and when I find it, it makes my day. There’s another level above epic that I love to hear about: luxury swag. As an event professional, hearing about luxury swag is always interesting and fun. Here are the best and most luxurious swag items and giveaways I’ve come across recently, that have made it to my favorites list.

Spiked Candy

Hollies Lollies in the UK makes delicious, alcohol infused lollipops. Pick your favorite tipple; gin, prosecco, rum, or whiskey. Or shop by your favorite snack; lollies, candy bubbles, drink stirers, or drops. However you start, you’ll be happy with the end product. Yummy!

The Ultimate Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 Gaming Keyboard. Considered an essential for the CES Ultimate Swag Bag, this gaming keyboard is definitely more of a want than a need….which makes it the perfect giveaway. This keyboard has individually programmed back-lit keys with 16.8 million colour options! The switches are designed for gaming and provide ultimate responsiveness. It’s also ergonomic for those times when your gaming transitions from session to marathon.

Smart Coffee

Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug. Winner of Time Magazine’s Best inventions of 2017, I can guarantee that your guests need this cup. It’s an intelligent tumbler that keeps your coffee perfectly warm to the last drop, thanks to the charging coaster and downloadable app.

A Flying Selfie Cam

TELLO Drone by DJI. The best small drone for beginners! Shoot videos, perform stunts, and connect with VR Headset. Just throw and go with 13 minutes of flight time.

Get Fit, Stay Fit

Take a note from the Oscars playbook, and give your guests something that can be incredibly personalized; sessions with a personal trainer. A trainer like Lucy Dunne, with DunneBells, can train event attendees both locally and remotely. She can help beginners who are exploring the possibility of incorporating activity into their lives, or advanced athletes looking to step up their game.

Carry, On

Instead of a small bag with a bunch of small items, try one large bag a la TED. The TED Conference makes gifting an experience. Taking a step up from last year’s gift, a Lululemon bag, 2018 TED organizers provided guests with $449 G-Ro suitcases. There are more economical brands available that can make a similar impact. Chances are your guests would love a new carry-on bag to take home with them on the airplane.

Take A Seat

The Tommy Bahama backpack chair is equipped with a mini cooler, storage pouch, and towel bar. Whether your event attendees are looking forward to their next race day, beach day, or soccer day, this chair will definitely be going with them. Need I say more?

There you have it...7 of the absolute best swag items to blow your guests minds!

Joel Olandesca