It’s More Than Just Charging


Our cordless chargers with their custom branding opportunities bring brands to life on tabletops throughout the venue. We are actively engaged in our industry and genuinely understand how to compliment the efforts of Event Producers. Not only are our products of the highest quality and kept in pristine condition, they keep people connected - both to the online world, and within the event.

Imagine an event where attendees are sitting on the floor next to a plug. Imagine an event where attendees are worried about how they are going to make their phones last until the end of the day. Imagine an event where participants can't connect with their colleagues at work, their families at home, and more importantly, the sponsors that are supporting their experience.


Now imagine your event where guests are provided with a charger conveniently placed on their table: they use the event app, text their spouse, follow the sponsor on IG, plug their phone in and then shake hands with the colleague charging beside them.

Now that is providing your guest with a top tier experience.

That's #chargedup.

We charge. We brand. We bring people together.


Who We Are

We love what we do. We’re a multi-faceted team, with a passion for the events industry.
We talk the talk, and we walk the walk.
Joel SOS Headshot.jpg

Joel Olandesca

CEO/Co-Founder: SOS Charging Solutions
President: International Live Events Association, Calgary Chapter

With his extensive experience in mobile technology, marketing, and finances, Joel created and co-founded SOS Charging Solutions.

Joel is a passionate advocate for the events industry and the impact it has on the global economy and culture. He is currently serving as the President of the Calgary Chapter of the International Live Events Association. Being involved and volunteering directly in the industry allows him to continue on his path as an evolving event professional.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and innovator, he is also a firm believer of giving back to others. Joel is an avid volunteer who loves to support causes that are close to his heart.


Alisha Olandesca


As SOS’ COO, Alisha does more than keep things in line and make sure all of the numbers line up neatly. She also enjoys helping fellow entrepreneurs in the start up space -  in a speaking capacity, as a mentor, or just sharing war stories over coffee. To stretch the creative side of her brain, she keeps her hands busy by quilting, knitting, and embroidering.


Kimberly Beaune, CMP, CSEP

Eastern Canada Lead – SOS Charging Solutions
Event Storyteller – Creative Twist Inc.
Immediate Past-President – International live events association - Toronto chapter (2018/19)

Kimberly is an Event Storyteller; be it through her passion for creative event ideation, affinity for visual design or through her love of theatre creation, bringing stories to life is in her DNA. An accomplished industry professional with over 25 years experience in live events, Kimberly brings a wealth of knowledge to her work as an event producer and designer. That is why the first time she saw what SOS Charging Solutions had to offer, Kimberly knew they were much more than a simple charging station and was determined to bring them to the Toronto Market.  

Now in addition to owning and operating Creative Twist Inc. a multi-award-winning event design firm in Toronto, she is also Eastern Canada Lead for SOS Charging Solutions.  She loves nothing more than to help clients and organizations identify the core purpose and message at the heart of their events and bring that story to life through expert planning, thoughtful design, and interactive environments. It’s a perfect collaboration.



Chief Morale Officer

Bella was brought onto Team SOS with one objective — make sure smiles are plenty. It’s not an easy job, but she manages to maintain a good work-nap balance. Bella’s biggest project to date was an attempt to increase employee engagement via boops or noms. The results of this experiment were undetermined, so she has continued using both strategies.